• Women services

    Haircut + natural dry pack:

    Include shampoo & conditioner, haircut, and blow-dry service without brushes.


    Haircut + blow-dry pack:

    Include shampoo & conditioner, haircut, and entire blow dry.


    Wash & blow-dry:

    Include shampoo and conditioner wash + blow-drying with brushes, straightening or waves.

    From €36

    Balayage pack:

    Include balayage service + OLAPLEX & METAL DETOX + toner +blow-dry (does not include haircut). OLAPLEX & METAL DETOX are products that prevent hair breakage and ensures optimal color results.

    Normal: €126 / Medium: €168 / Long: €188.

    Price range: Prices vary according to conditions, length, quantity, and complexity of the requested service.

  • men services

    Haircut & styling pack:

    Include shampoo, haircut service, either scissors or clippers + styling.


    Haircut + beard cut pack:

    Include shampoo, haircut service, either scissors or clippers + styling, and beard cut/trim service.


    Haircut + spa experience pack:

    Include haircut service, either scissors or clippers + barbering service + shampoo & conditioner with an extra 10-minute massage with a hot towel + face moisturizer & hot towel.

    Haircut price + additional €13.

    Gentleman’s color:

    Include color service only + shampoo and conditioner.

    Starting from €24 – the price varies according to the complexity of the requested service. Ask for quote

  • Top services in atelier


    We acquire our extensions from 2La Central del Cabell”, a company specializing in 100% natural hair with over 10 years of experience in selling high-quality hair extensions of all types.

    1 Package: €300 / 2 Packages: €480 / 3 Packages: €630


    Include keratin service (shampoo + product + cauterization drying) with our exclusive I AM 4U Italian haircare product.

    This treatment offers a high level of semi-permanent straightening for up to 6 months while providing softness, and shine, and helping to reconstruct the hair strand. Its formulation includes a blend of natural oils along with other essential components.

    From €182 to €300 – the price increases according to the length and quantity of the client’s hair.

    Metal detox service:

    Metal detox from L’Oreal Professionnel is our exclusive system for detoxifying the hair from metal salts that have adhered to it due to various circumstances such as keratin treatments, chemicals in water, and products with high mineral/metal content. It also helps to prevent hair breakage by 80% during chemical processes, making it highly recommended to add metal detox to your color or bleaching service.

    Gentleman’s cut + spa experience:

    One of our most exclusive services adds extra comfort and total relaxation to the cutting experience. In this service, we add 10 minutes of scalp massage + moisturizers, and hot towels during the washing ritual to our traditional cut service. Additionally, we provide a hot facial towel infused with lavender essential oils, a fragrance that identifies our brand and leaves an incredible feeling of freshness, relaxation, and cleanliness on your face. All this is accompanied by our variety of hot/cold beverages and our customary professional and charismatic service.

    Balayage packs:

    Our balayage packs are the most convenient option when selecting your color service because they include all the necessary processes to provide clients with exceptional results in terms of hair quality and texture. All our balayage packs include Olaplex & metal Detox to guarantee the integrity of the hair.